I just grabbed Trunk on 22 January 2009 - with the libpopt changes.  Tried running and was seeing odd errors thrown by libpopt

$X,$Y and $DST are replaced by reasonable values on my system

rmd \   -x $X -y $Y --width=1024 --height=768 \   --fps=7.5 --quick-subsampling \   --device=plughw:0,2 --buffer-size 8192 --channels 1 \   --pause-shortcut Control+p \   --stop-shortcut  Control+s \   --overwrite \   -o "$DST" || exit

If I did --x=$X it would fail, but --x $X would fail too, only -x $X works - same story with -y
Seems that some params (--device) require the = symbol while others (--buffer-size) don't.
Not a "bug" but more of an inconsistency in the CLI parsing - I'm trying to figure out how to fix but I don't hack C every day (other lang's but not C)