amazing :)

  • loell

    loell - 2006-11-06

    i've used the program in just minutes but i'm already amazed at what it can do, just wondering if your planning to support avi/mpeg format output?

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2006-11-06

      Thanks, I'm glad you like recordMyDesktop.

      As far as avi/mpeg support is concerned, I'm sorry but there are no such plans.
      One of the reasons I've created this project is because I hope to see more ogg/theora
      content on the web, so offering support for restricted formats would beat the purpose.

    • loell

      loell - 2006-11-07

      yeah, i understand, anyway it only takes a single command to convert it from ogg to avi if needed :)
      but i just notice this now, the program's cpu usage is high?

      • John Varouhakis

        John Varouhakis - 2006-11-07

        Yes, currently the program needs too much cpu. The next version though will do
        the encoding after recording finishes so it will be a lot lighter.
        There are other optimizations being made, too.

        (ETA for the next release is one to two weeks)

    • loell

      loell - 2006-11-07

      i'll wait for that , i'm also building a deb package for ubuntu edgy

    • geshido

      geshido - 2006-11-30

      Wonderfull tool! :)

    • Andres Rodriguez Guapacha

      I give you all my appreciation for your effort and your work in this project. It has been very, very useful a lot of times. Thanks again.


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