qt-recordmydesktop and dual head

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    qt-recordmydesktop must have a different selection feature, which determines the size of the selected window.

    I'm using a dual head display, and qt-recordmydesktop shows the following behaviour:

    - The windows are punched together on one screen, overlaying, in the preview picture, even when it are two screens. The picutre indeed displays both sides, the preview shows them on just one side.
    - If you select a window (which is full-screen), it selects the whole screen (over the middle), instead of just a window / one side of the desktop.

    If you wish, i can post you a screenshot showing this behaviour, and you can contact me on jabber / gmail with ggrabler at gmail dot com

    • Georg Grabler

      Georg Grabler - 2007-08-21

      I forgot to mention: it works perfectly in gtk-recordmydesktop.

      Also, when capturing, it captures the right size and window, and not the whole desktop, so it's a problem with the preview mainly.

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2007-08-21

      I'm not too sure about that, but can you give a run on the CVS version?

      I've swapped QtGui.QApplication.desktop().winId() (which returns info
      on the virtual desktop, possibly composited by many screens) with
      QtGui.QX11Info().appRootWindow()(which only takes into account
      the current screen).



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