Option to defer encoding

  • Fabio Varesano

    Fabio Varesano - 2010-05-03

    Hi guys, recordmydesktop rocks! I would like to have an option which enable encoding deferring.

    Let me explain: when the user launch

    recordmydesktop --defer

    it will just capture raw images to the temp directory. Once I hit CTRL+C it won't start encoding but just exit the program.

    Later, I can simply use recordmydesktop -rescue PATH_TO_WORKING_DIR to start the encoding process.

    This could be really useful while using recordmydesktop in usability testing sessions where we usually have 3 to 5 consequent users to test using different invocations of recordmydesktop. Having the possibility to have the program encode later will really make things easier.

    Thanks for reading and your time,

    Fabio Varesano

  • Daniel Kulesz

    Daniel Kulesz - 2011-08-08

    Hi Fabio,

    I had exactly the same problem that you describe here. Since there seemed to be no such parameter, so I examined the source code just to add such thing. And big surprise: There is an undocumented parameter named "-no-encoding" which does exactly that! The only problem is: It only works partially. It writes the cache successfully, but when you try restarting recordmydesktop with the -rescue option it runs into a segmentation fault.

    The same behavior can be observed by just aborting the encoding process and trying to restart it later with the -rescue option.

    (tested on Ubuntu with version

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-06-12

    I always got "segmentation fault" when using -rescue option (Ubuntu with recordmydesktop version

    However I successfully rescued all of my crashed videos using version So for anyone who wants to rescue
    crashed videos, try compiling version You can replace the binary but I think it's better to just rename it
    then copy the binary to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin.

    Hope that helps


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