Hello all,

I recently stumbled over recordmydesktop, which frankly is the best desktop recording program I've used to date - very impressive, very nice, very easy to use. Kudos to its developers!

One minor problem I personally have with it, though, is its rather awkward naming scheme for command line arguments. There are proper, GNU-style longopts (like "--no-sound", for example), but also inconsistently named shortopts, like "-v_quality". The various switches also do not uniformly use one character for word-splitting, as "--no-wm-check" (using a hyphen) shows when compared with the aforementioned "-v_quality" (using an underscore).

If this is done on purpose, I'd like to get to know the reasoning behind this. If not, I'd willingly work out a consistent way of naming switches and options, and also submit patches to deal with the issue.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

Cheers, and thanks again for making this great little app!
- Johannes