Video playback is sped up

  • Matthew Petty

    Matthew Petty - 2008-03-10

    Thanks for the great tool, John!

    I use recordmydesktop to do tech training screencasts. It works great with the new --follow-mouse option, but when I play things back the video is sped up just slightly. I lost 27 seconds on a clip a little longer than 4 mins. Any idea?

    Here is the command I am using:
    recordmydesktop -fps 29.97 -width 720 -height 528 -o --follow-mouse --no-sound --full-shots --on-the-fly-encoding filename.ogv

    Also, I would love to record sound at the same time, but no matter what I try it comes out choppy. Instead I'm using audacity, but if you know a quick fix it would save me some trouble.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      woops, my bad. I thought I checked this, but I guess I didn't.

      I'm using mencoder to convert the ogg output to dv for editing. I forgot to turn on a video filter, so any duplicate frames were removed (not good for screencasts!).

      For anyone doing something similar, don't forget to add "-vf harddup" to your mencoder command.

      John, if you have a recommendation for the audio problem, that's awesome.

      • John Varouhakis

        John Varouhakis - 2008-03-10

        Hi Matthew,

        You might want to check this post for some pointers on
        improving sound quality:

        Also, regarding the command that you are using:

        1) It might be better to not perform on the fly encoding.
        You will need more disk-space, but generally, the result will
        be a lot smoother (it might improve your sound problem too).
        You can also use the --compress-cache option to save some space
        when caching.

        2) When using --follow-mouse, you don't need to type
        --full-shots as it's auto-enabled.

        3) Capturing a sound stream, even if you don't use it can improve
        the quality of your recordings, since it's used as a measurement
        for frame loss compensation.

    • yvonne

      yvonne - 2009-02-10

      I found that it was critical for sync (and the strange video playback/audio speeds) to have the right audio setting... as in 48000 which worked for me... yours may be different.

      There will assumedly be gurus who can do what they like and adjust many things... that's the great work of linux...what I'm learning is useful for other things later...

  • Mike Walker

    Mike Walker - 2009-10-22

    I am running into the same problem when playing back a recording. The recorded file plays back approximately 2 seconds per minute too fast.

    The command I am using is:
    recordmydesktop -no-sound -o filename.ogv

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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