Not recording what I see in screen! =(

  • Andres Rodriguez Guapacha

    Hi. I've found this excellent software but I have two issues:
    1. Seems to me that libXdamage, which I understand changes only the parts of the screen that get updated, is not working properly. If i do only "$recordmydesktop" it records sound ok and speed is correct, but it really ONLY changes the screens at some small points. If I use instead "$recordmydesktop --full-shots" it works properly, but the computers slows a lot. That's why I suppose is some issue with the libXdamage library or something. How may I check my assumption? or review what's going on?

    2. The files are quite big... a few seconds or recording are like 7 MB =P I know my screen is a bit big, but can I do something about this?

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2007-02-16

      Hi Andres,
      Running "$recordmydesktop --full-shots" will be very slow always as it does
      full captures at every frame and it doesn't use shared memory.
      You should run instead "$recordmydesktop --full-shots --with-shared" ,as mentioned
      in the manpage. And it would be better to use the gtk-interface as it takes
      care of these options in a more reasonable manner.

      As far as the filesize is concerned, the default is to record with full quality.
      You can change it with the options -v_quality and -s_quality. Dropping
      the video quality to 24(default 63) will reduce the size a lot, without much
      visual difference. Again I recommend the frontend as these options are immediately

      Now on libXdamage recording, normally all the changes should be reported.
      There are two exceptions on this rule, as mentioned in the FAQ and the manpage;
      3d windows and video played through Xv. These can only be recorded with full-shots.
      If you are having problems in other types of windows, lease report the following:

      i)  Distribution
      ii) Version of recordMyDesktop(in case it's not the latest one, 0.3.3)
      iii)Anything else you consider important or less common in your setup
          (e.g. compiz/beryl)


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