increasing sound volume?

  • sxe

    sxe - 2007-05-27

    Hi again,

    recordmydesktop is the best recording tool to me cause ist simple and makes its job.
    Neverless i have a question. Is it possible to increase the sound recorded from my microphone? My problem is, its to quiet. Its not a mixer broblem, i tried everything i can change.


    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2007-05-27

      recordMyDesktop doesn't have any mixing facilities.
      It simply captures whatever the soundcard feeds it with.

      I'd suggest that you revisit your mixer's settings.
      Microphone output is typically of low volume, so most mixers
      provide a +20db switch. Try enabling it and see if it gets better.
      On kmix you can find it on the switches tab of the mixer
      and it's also present on alsamixer as Mic Boost.
      other mixers should also provide a way to enable it.

      One other thing you can do is to separate the audio and video
      streams, process the audio in audacity and remix them.
      This is a good way to get rid of noise , too.
      You need oggz-tools to perform this.
      Within them there are two utilities, oggz-rip and oggz-merge.

      ~$ oggz-rip -c vorbis out.ogg -o out-audio.ogg
      to get the audio in out-audio.ogg
      ~$ oggz-rip -c theora out.ogg -o out-video.ogg
      to get just the video stream.

      Then open out-audio.ogg with audacity and process it
      (be carefull not to change the overall duration).

      Then when you are done, run:
      ~$ oggz-merge out-audio.ogg out-video.ogg -o out-whatever.ogg

      and you will have a file with the desired sound volume.


    • sxe

      sxe - 2007-05-30

      Hi John,

      thx for the nice answer. I enabled the Mic Boost option before and it makes the sound a little bit louder but not enough. :(

      I think this isn't a problem of recordemydesktop it's a general "linux" problem on my system. I'm using kubuntu and i realy tried everything i can try with different mixers. If i try it with windows its much louder and thats what disturbing me. I  looked at the internet but i cannot find something that helps. I thought maybe a programmer like you has some tips.

      But i think the method with audacity will work for me.

      Thx again

      bye bye


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