"Adjusted recording window" force resolution?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Whenever I run recordmydesktop, it changes my x/y.

    $ recordmydesktop -width 800 -height 600 --full-shots --zero-compression --no-wm-check -o test.ogg
    Initial recording window is set to:
    X:0   Y:0    Width:800    Height:600
    Adjusted recording window is set to:
    X:0   Y:4    Width:800    Height:592

    it won't accept "-x 0" or "-y 0" arguments, saying that -x and -y have to be >0

    this is making me insane.  how can I tell recordmydesktop to STOP changing my Y?  please?

    besides this (which is making me crazy), i love love love recordmydesktop  :)


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      No idea what these lines do ... but I commented them out in src/setbrwindow.c to make recordmydesktop STOP adjusting my X/Y for me ...

      182     //SizePack2_8_16(&brwin->rgeom.x,&brwin->rgeom.width,specs->width);
      183     //SizePack2_8_16(&brwin->rgeom.y,&brwin->rgeom.height,specs->height);

      then recompiled + reinstalled

      • John Varouhakis

        John Varouhakis - 2008-03-31

        recordMyDesktop needs its width and height to be divisible by 16.
        This is a constraint and an assumption that runs throughout
        the code and benefits the application by improving performance
        and simplifying many calculations.

        When you start the application, a rectangle is calculated that is
        n*16 X m*16, which if possible, contains your original selection in
        it's center. When your original selection is full-screen and it doesn't
        satisfy the divisible-by-16 constraint, the calculated rectangle is
        smaller than the original selection and centered in it.

        That's why your Y changes to 4. It cuts a total of 8 pixels,
        4 of them from the top of the screen. If you want to start at y=0
        you can either use a larger resolution and have recordMyDesktop use
        a 800x608 rectangle, or you can cut all 8 pixels from the bottom
        by manually specifying width=592.

        Also, removing those lines that you did might lead to a number
        of problems, anything from segmentation faults to invalid video
        files and other unpredictable outcomes.



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