Peter - 2010-11-15

I tested the problem in original (not altered) distros Mint9 and Mint10.
On both distros recordMyDesktop works fine.
Both video and audio are recording well.
Well, almost.

Problems appears with Firefox (v3.6.x) plug-in Moonlight (v2 ).
The problem is with video recording, as the audio works fine.
If even a fragment of moonlight display area is present from
the beginning in the capture area, all capture is black.
If capture area is originally moonlight-free, all is best,
but if moonlight trans-passes later the recording area,
the resulting record is black where the moonlight invaded,
while rest of the recording area remains fine.
I tested Istanbul to similar result.
To test, go to:
chose: Switch to WM Player (as the default is Flash)
Wait for the stream to accumulate. Record.

Any suggestion where to begin?