Lugo Teehalt - 2011-06-15

Debian Linux latest stable version.  Firefox 4.1.

Screencapture works with 'recordmydesktop' but get the sound not from the video but from the laptop computer's internal microphone.

Had this problem before with ffmpeg but solved it with pavucontrol.  Tried pavucontrol when screencapture was running but it said no application was recording sound so could not change things.  Tried recordmydesktop on its own and the same thing happened.  Started the thing first then started pavucontrol - I think that's the right way round.

The downloadhelper preferences > screen capture tab says nothing about sound only 'start capture' and 'stop capture'.

Great thanks any help.

Got reply:

On linux, there is no sound control UI for the recorder. It's all passed through the arguments you give to recordmydesktop.

To tell the truth, i haven't personnally been able to record audio with recordmydesktop, even if it is supposed to be doable. I suggest you search into recordmydesktop forums around.