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  • sxe

    sxe - 2007-04-05


    i tried to make a video with recordemydesktop. that works but i think the video file in the ogg container has a bad header.
    I have to convert the file to an avi but no tool is able to detect the codec right.

    Here are two example outputs from ogmtools and mencoder:

    Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
    [theora @ 0x88f57f8]Missing extradata!
    Could not open codec.
    VDecoder init failed :(

    sxe@sxe:~$ ogminfo out.ogg
    (ogminfo.c) OGG stream 1 is of an unknown type (bad header?)
    (ogminfo.c) (a1/serial 1159424888) Vorbis audio (channels 1 rate 22050)

    Is it possible to convert the videos and keep the file size?

    thx for this great app.


    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2007-04-06

      Can you provide a link to the file?

      Also, I don't think that ogmtools support theora.

      A quick look on the ogminfo source code doesn't show anything
      theora related and even a
      ~$ grep -r [Tt][Hh][Ee][Oo][Rr][Aa] ./
      on the ogmtools src directory(version 1.5) doesn't come up with any

      You can try validation with oggz-tools (oggz-validate).


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hi John,

      i think it was my fault.. i don't know what gos wrong, maybe i tried the wrong codec. I'm now able to convert my videos. :)
      Are there any plans to support other formats than ogm? Or will it be possible, in future releases, to keep the temp files format? This could be advantageouse if someone like me have to convert the files.

      thx for answering



      • John Varouhakis

        John Varouhakis - 2007-04-24

        recordMyDesktop's output is not ogm, but the ogg container
        with theora and vorbis formats.
        I think the ogm extension is commonly used for vorbis+divx.

        As for supporting other formats, I'm quoting myself from an older answer:

        "One of the reasons I've created this project is because I hope to see more ogg/theora
        content on the web, so offering support for restricted formats would beat the purpose."

          Also, the intermediate files are a form of cache and not a real file format.
        They lack a lot of vital information (resolution,fps,whether it's compressed or not,
        sound samplerate/channels/quality) to be usable, after recordMyDesktop exits.

          And I prefer it to remain this way, as I'm trying to optimize cache
        first for performance and second for hard disk space requirements.
        Stabilizing the format and adding extra information will impose
        constraints on development that I don't want right now.

          But I urge you to consider distributing your files in the ogg/theora-vorbis
        format instead of one of the patent-challenged formats.
          And if embedding in web pages is important to you, there is Fluendo's Cortado
        applet which is Free software and is written in the soon to be Free Java language.

        For more information look here:



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