no sound and video is not clear

  • Allix

    Allix - 2006-09-07

    I am using recordmydesktop-0.2.4 compiled as
    CFLAGS="-O2 -fPIC" ./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64

    I ran the application as the following :
    recordmydesktop test.ogg


    • Allix

      Allix - 2006-09-07

      I got the sound working by fiddling with alasamixer capture options, but the video is still blocky

      i have a sample that has been converted to mpeg


    • Allix

      Allix - 2006-09-07

      sorry to sound silly, but i did
      recordmydesktop  -device hw:0,1  -channels 2 -v_quality 20 -s_quality 4  -o one.ogg

      and its a lot better
      i wonder what was wrong before

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2006-09-07

      Hi Allix,

      Well, as far as sound is concerned, you are
      supposed to set the mixer settings yourself, but
      you already know that now. Perhaps I should add
      a faq entry in the website and a note in the

      Now, to the distorted video...I can only get
      into assumptions, which will not be realy
      helpfull. So, perhaps you can help me by giving
      me a little bit more info.
      Specifically, I would like to know your
      distribution, your screen resolution
      and the output of these commands:

      ~$ pkg-config --modversion theora vorbis ogg xdamage
      ~$ xdpyinfo |grep "X.Org version"

      Also ,this somehow reminds me of a previous
      problem, so in order to be sure you can do the
      following two recordings and tell me what happened:

      ~$ recordmydesktop --no-cond-shared -o test.ogg
      ~$ recordmydesktop --with-shared -o test.ogg

      (If these two recordings come with identical results, both distorted or both good, then it is not related to that problem.)

      Sorry if I'm asking too much, but this is the
      only way to make  any progress.

      Anyway, thanks for taking the time to report this. I will do my best to find the source of
      the problem and hopefully, by the time the next
      release comes out it will be solved. Meanwhile
      feel free to post regarding any further questions or problems you might have.



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