Won't install

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I try to install recordmydesktop on ubuntu 8.10 but terminal says it can't find the directory recordmydesktop- can someone please help me

    • Pablo Fernandez

      Pablo Fernandez - 2009-03-25

      What have you done so far?
      (Before reading this go to the end)

      1) Download the .tar.gz
      2) Extract the tar.gz (you can use mouse right button)
      3) Read the README, which says what packages you need (with -dev extensions). You can search for these packages in synaptic, one by one search and install them.
      4) Read the INSTALL, and look at this:

      If you got a release tarball, to compile the program you have to go through the regular drill (#these are my comments)

      # first two lines are for extracting the files, made in step 2)
      ~$ cd recordmydesktop-x.y.z   #if you downloaded to the Desktop, change this for cd Desktop/recordmydesktop- . The point is that you have to do the following commands from the right directory
      ~$ ./configure #check there are no errors. If you have one, you are probably missing some dependencies. If you did step 3) properly, you shouldn't have errors.
      ~$ make
      ~$ sudo make install

      This will install recordmydesktop, which can be launch from command line. Do "man recordmydesktop" for options. If you are not used to using CLI, you will want to install a frontend (a simple GUI for recordmydesktop). You have two choices. If in doubt, choose any  them :P

      Now follow the same process extract, read the README, install dependencies, read the INSTALL, follow instructions.

      You launch it with: gtk-recordMyDesktop (or qt-recor...)
      (gtk-recor(TAB to autocomplete))


      Alternatively, just install recordmydesktop and its frontend from synaptic. May be it's not this last version, but it could work as well.

      I hope this helps. Pablo.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This is really not the easiest program to install.  I am also having problems. I've only ever used zip files before ... I managed to figure out the right click and extraction of .tar.gz but I can't read the read me file... what format is it in?


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