getting sound from soundcard instead of mic

  • loell

    loell - 2006-11-18

    hi iovar :) ,

    how do i get to record the sound background from the soundcard?

    with --device parameter? is it --device hw0:1? it seems it does not work , or how would i know the correct device name?

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2006-11-18

      Hi loeel
      The default device is hw:0,0
      If you have more than one soundcards and you are using some other than the first one, you would
      need to use the option -device hw:0,1 (or hw:0,2 etc depending on how many you have).

      Normally you don't have to set anything from within recordMyDesktop and if recording with the default
      options(without using the --no-sound or -device options), produces proper video files but with no sound,
      then you simply need to use a mixer application and set the recording source.
      recordMyDesktop doesn't change your mixer options and simply picks up sound on whatever source is

      from the f.a.q. at the project website ;-) :

      >>"I have no sound!"
      >>"In order to record sound from a source(e.g. microphone) you have to set it
      >>through a mixer like kmix, gnome-mixer or alsamixer. recordMyDesktop will
      >>not set anything itself but it will rather start recording from any preselected

      p.s. to be more clear, when I say source, I don't mean a sound card, but one of the possible ways
      to pick sound from it, e.g. microphone, line-in, etc. One of these sources is probably named "wave"
      and that's what you want to record.

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2006-11-18

      ...Hi loell, I meant.
      sorry for mispelling the name (4:09 a.m here).

    • loell

      loell - 2006-11-18

      thanks iovar :) now its recording , though iv'e messed with my mixer,
      do you anything about reverting the mixer back to its orginal state? just in case you know :)

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2006-11-18

      I don't know if there's any mixer app that can save configurations,
      as I've never needed something like that, but alsactl should do it.
      ~$ alsactl restore hw:0,0
      should probably do it.
      Check man alsactl for more, as I haven't ever used it, so I can't help
      you on using it.

    • Arthur Santana

      Arthur Santana - 2008-04-26

      Hi. I managed to record the mic properly, but can't get the whole sound output recorded. I'm afraid my sound card doesn't support it. It's a Realtek ACL833, the only sound sources alsamixer shows me are "cd, line, mic, front mic". It has two "sound source" options and I tried all possible combinations, with no result. There's nothing called "wave" or "mix". Any ideas?


      (by the way, recordMyDesktop is great =D)


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