Steven Webb - 2009-12-23

My recorded soundtrack is high quality, but when you play it back there are jumps in it, at random intervals, which correspond to overrun errors in the terminal.

After reading

I have found that the recordmydesktop error causing the soundtrack to skip at random, which shows up in the terminal,

Broken pipe: Overrun occurred.

happens **only** when the number of channels is set to 2. If you set 1 channel this error never happens and the soundtrack is perfect.

My system is a HP DV-3 laptop with HDA Intel soundcard running the latest recordMyDesktop ( on Karmic 9.10 + Compiz 0.8.4, using PulseAudio 0.9.21 and ALSA 1.0.21.

Any ideas why 2 channels is causing this problem?