Hang upon encoding, --rescue hangs too

  • Sebastian Flothow

    I made a recording yesterday, and upon pressing ctrl-c rMD stopped recording but then hung in the "shutting down" state, without starting to encode. strace showed it to be blocked in a futex wait (though I later discovered this seems to show only one thread). The recording was fairly long (~ 90 min), but I've made recordings of similar length before.

    After I while I decided to kill the rMD process and start it with -rescue to do the encoding. This time, rMD printed the  indicator and CPU load went up, so I thought it was encoding; however, it wasn't making any progress, and the output file didn't grow beyond the initial 4096 bytes.

    I started the rMD -rescue process under strace -f to investigate further: as far as I can tell there are three threads, one of which blocks on a futex, one does occasional reads from the file audio.pcm, and the third one prints "" in a tight loop (this seems to be what actually causes the CPU load). rMD creates an output file and writes 4096 bytes to it right at startup, but there is no further output, even when leaving it running for hours.

    Is there some other way to rescue the recording? If desired, I can provide the files for analysis.

    I'm running recordMyDesktop v0.3.8.1 on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04.3) i686.

  • jogreenw

    jogreenw - 2014-02-12

    This happens to me and to many others, too.. Was there a solution yet?


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