Allow streaming to an Icecast server?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Can you allow recordMyDesktop to stream to an Icecast server?  Icecast is an open-source alternative to SHOUTcast.

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2007-06-23

      >>Can you allow recordMyDesktop to stream to an Icecast server?

      The problem with this is that it would only work with on-the-fly
      encoding. And the problem with this mode of operation is that
      the theora encoder requires huge amounts of CPU power to
      render less-than-full quality videos. So you would end up
      needing huge amounts of bandwidth (or a beowulf cluster to do the
      On the other hand, on a lan, the bandwidth requirements
      wouldn't be so important, so this feature has at least one valid
      use case.

      I'll keep it in mind, but probably not for the 0.3.* release cycle,
      as there are a few performance improvements that I want to implement

      Thanks for the suggestion,

      P.S. Btw, have you tried
      It already has this feature.


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