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Request: Run shell script after capture

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have been using gtk-recordmydesktop for about 2 weeks now.  Great app! 
    One thing that would be very handy is that if I could specify a shell script to execute after a capture.

    This would allow me to run my a script that does a conversion and file copy of the media files.

    Thanks for the great app!
    Jason Elwell

    • John Varouhakis

      John Varouhakis - 2007-06-23

      Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your interest in recordMyDesktop, but I'm afraid that
      I won't be implementing this feature. Running custom scripts/commands
      is something that makes sense in programs performing batch/automated
      operations and I don't believe that desktop recording falls under that

      The main reason though, that this looks like a completely needless
      feature, is that recordMyDesktop provides a commandline interface.
      So it would be more logical to use that in your custom
      scripts, rather than going the other way around.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I could definitely write a custom script to interface with the commandline version of recordmydesktop.  I would prefer however to keep using the GTK interface which makes kicking off a script upon completion of a recording a little more difficult.  I guess I could write a script/utility to continuously poll the output directory for new OGG files...

      FYI, Version 1.4.0 of VirtualBox just implemented a similar feature in the GUI of their virtualization software.  They allow you to specify a  shell script upon boot and shutdown of a virtual machine that allows you to dynamically create/destroy tap network interfaces.

      Keep up the good work!


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