Recording sound

  • Leonard Evens

    Leonard Evens - 2011-08-05

    I ran across Recordmydekstop which was used to record some tutorials I am viewing.   It looks as if it might be useful

    I installed it on my Fedora Linux 14 system which is on a Dell Precision workstation, but I don't have a microphone to use to record sound.

    I would be interested in some choices for a microphone I might consider.  Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-19

    I am interested about the same thing (using fedora 15 where recordmydesktop is installed by default and startable with a ctrl-shift-alt-r at anytime via gnome3).

    From what I've figured out you need to install the gui for recordmydesktop as well as install a JACK server (which allows the sound from one program to be passed to another).   Basically you unmute your mic and instead of the sound coming out your speakers (making that annoying feedback squealing sound) it gets piped to recordmydesktop.   I haven't started to implement this yet though so I can't offer much more than that.  There might be some people on the fedora forums who have implemented this.   FYI:  recordmydesktop needs to be compiled with jack support enabled which I'm pretty sure is the case.  Recent Fedora versions use pulseaudio and it looks like JACK looks for ALSA since there hasn't been any recent development for a couple years.

    Here's the part of the users manual that talks about the jack server.  It's accessible through the gui.


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