Adjusted Recording Window

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When using recordmydesktop- and specifying the x,y,w,h options from the command line the program adjusts the  recording Window.  For example:

    /usr/src/recordmydesktop- -x 1512 -y 53 -width 1024 -height 768 -fps 7.5 -device plughw:0,2 -channels 1 --overwrite -o XandY

    Initial recording window is set to:
    X:1512   Y:53    Width:1024    Height:768
    Specs: H:1024     W:2560
    Adjusted recording window is set to:
    X:1512   Y:52    Width:1024    Height:768

    Why does recordmydesktop think it's smarter than me?  I'd like it to do what I say!
    I tried hacking around in setbrwindow.c around line 177 but I'll I could make (so far) was seg-faults :(

    Any help?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Figured out my issue!

      When the Window I wanted to record was this one, (from xwininfo)

      0x2a00216 (has no name): ()  1024x768+2+2  +1531+53

      RMD would adjust my settings by 1 pixel in some direction, (see SizePack2_8_16 in setbrwindow.c)

      And of course, like many FOSS packages the code was well written and internally well documented.  While I don't understand the authors logic in SizePack2_8_16 I was able to determine that I should simply adjust my target window as follows

      0x2a00216 (has no name): ()  1024x768+2+2  +1526+54

      What an awesome product!


  • zb3

    zb3 - 2013-02-20

    Thats BS!
    I need it to record EXACTLY in 640:360, but 360 is not divisible by 16. Offset pixels should be removed from video


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