how to pass alternate sound card info to prog

  • afonit

    afonit - 2008-11-14

    When starting the program to do sound and recording the desktop I get this:

    Couldn't open PCM device hw:0,0
    Error while opening/configuring soundcard hw:0,0
    Try running with the --no-sound or specify a correct device.

    I have seen many ideas on this through my Google searches though no one has found success (that I have seen)

    The closest one is to pass through the terminal is this:
    recordmydesktop -device <insertsomenamehere>

    since I know I can record audio through audacity I took a look at its recording device listing
    it lists the device as "OSS: /dev/dsp1"
    on my computer hardware info I have an identifier as C-Media Electronics, inc.

    I have tried to pass to the program the command:
    recordmydesktop -device /dev/dsp1
    recordmydesktop -device "/dev/dsp1"

    I also tried using the C-Media name of the card though with no avail.

    Is there a command somewhere to retrieve the propercommand so recordmydesktop knows what to use?

    • afonit

      afonit - 2008-11-19

      I found my solution in some obscure posting on another site.

      Here was my resolution for those who may find this later.

      recordmydesktop -device hw:1,0

      apparently the default is hw:0,0 and you can increment the first digit (I read somewhere)

      So I tried 1 for the first of the two digits and it worked perfectly.

      As an aside, doing the above command grabs my whole screen so I just went into the gtk-recordmydesktop and clicked advanced, went to the sound tab and for 'device' I removed DEFAULT and replaced it with "hw:1,0".

      I then drew my selection box hit record and all went perfectly.



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