Siddharth - 2012-05-01


running gtkRecordMyDesktop 0.3.8-3ubuntu5 on Ubuntu 11.10. I was able to save small recordings, but then i tried to save a really big one (~2 hours) and it's not being saved. The conversion process seemed to finish successfully after i had stopped recording, but now the file is not being saved. The "save as" dialogue appears, i enter the filename and path and click save, the dialogue disappears but nothing happens. No errors or any other kind of messages. The file is not generated in the destination i specified.

This was meant to be a video used for training at my workplace, but i'm afraid now i won't have it and i'll be in trouble. :-(

I've done more than an hour long recording few years ago with gtkRecordMyDesktop, but i'd like to ask:

* is it capable of doing such long recordings? (~2 hours)
* if yes, then how do i get my video? I'm afraid i'll lose it if i close the window now.

i checked the output of lsof on the process, but it didn't seem to show anything that looked like a converted video file. Nothing in the tmp directory either. No open files > 100 MB across all processes system-wide. I do not know if anything is logged anywhere.

Somebody please help, this recording is very important for me. :-(