#35 gkt-recordmydesktop slow record


gkt-recordmydesktop and qt-recordmydesktop too are recording very slow on my gentoo with nvidia gts250 video card and proprietary drivers installed.
it seems to record a frame every 10-15 seconds and changing advanced options nothing changes.
please help me to understand what happening.


  • hellocatfood

    hellocatfood - 2010-04-04

    It appears that there can sometimes be issues with certain graphics cards/drivers. I'm using an ATI 4500 and having the same problem. Looks like the only way to solve it is to uninstall the driver when you want to record

  • zebul666

    zebul666 - 2010-04-21

    no. this not always related to graphic card driver. I have a nvidia here and the same problem.

    I found online this trick that solves the problem http://yuenhoe.co.cc/blog/2010/02/solving-recordmydesktops-slow-framerate-problem/

    "If recordmydesktop gives you ridiculously slow frame-rate in it’s output video, you may be a victim of the “libtheora above v1.1.0″ problem. Try the following for a quick-fix:
    Add --v_bitrate 2000000 to the options you pass to recordmydesktop."

    That fixes the slow framerate problem for me.

  • hellocatfood

    hellocatfood - 2010-04-21

    I've tried that but still no luck. My problem seems to be linked to this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk-recordmydesktop/+bug/509111. Seems the graphics driver I have doesn't provide hardware acceleration for libfb, which is what is causing the system to slow down.

    With the driver disabled it works properly. If recordmydesktop can find a workaround then it'd be great!


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