RecordEditor 0.95

The RecordEditor is Data file Editor for Fixed Width (Text, binary, cobol), Csv and Xml Data files.
For Fixed width files, it can import Cobol Copybooks.

Changes in 0.95

This version consists of Script changes and a general cleanup getting ready for the next production version

  • Minor enhancements to script editor. Minor script enhancements.
  • Added Open Basic Csv and New Basic Csv options to File menu. These 2 option will not update Recent files.
  • Several problem fix's related to creating Unicode Csv files.
  • Fixed several Cobol-Editor & Copy-Utility bugs.

Changes Since 0.88 (last production version:

  • Support for Foreign Language via GetText-PO files. There are sample (Google Translate) versions for a number of languages.
  • Specialty File Formats - Two new special Record-Layouts have been added:
    • Get-Text PO - special editor for Get-Text-PO language translation files
    • SwingX Tooltip properties - special editor for SwingX Tooltip properties file.
  • Macro (Script) Changes - Documentation, Sample Scripts, Extra Script functionality and a Built-in Script Editor.
    If you are planning on writing Macro scripts you should also get RecordEditor_Macro_JavaDoc_0.94.4.7z. from the RecordEditor Site.
  • Text Editor View - editing the file with a standard Text Editor.
  • New Csv Parsers - New Csv parsers that ensure a specific number of CSV separators are present.
  • Edit Raw Text Option - wether to allow users to edit raw text (and bypass validation) or not.
  • New Types - New positive types for Cobol Files.
  • Docking / un-docking - How to Dock and undock individual screens.
  • Child Records - Show a record screen on a list screen.
  • Group Filters - Filters can be applied across a logical group of records (i.e. a PO header, Product and related store records).
  • Cobol - Cobol parsing fix's + 2 new dialects (where the decimal point is a ',')

Download Page:

Posted by Bruce Martin 2013-08-05

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