RecordEditor Version 0.80.6

RecordEditor 0.80.6

The RecordEditor is Data file Editor for Csv, Fixed Width (Text, binary, cobol) and Xml Data files.
For Fixed width files, it can import Cobol Copybooks.

** Rewrite of the Save As / Export functions. Changes include
- New SaveAs function
- Old SaveAs has become Export
- You can now specify the Xsl Transform Jars on the Export optioiExport option.
- When using Export AS Csv / Xml / Velocity etc, only the relavent panel is displayed.
The old Tab format is available as an Option (Edit Option>>>>Properties>>>>Other Options)
- New Export via Script (Jython, JRuby etc) option
- Option to Edit saved/exported File (if it is in a supported format: Xml, Csv, Fixed)
** Updated startup procedure (Windows UAC related).
** Copybooks and sample files have moved from the install directory to the user directory (UAC related).
** Option to set the size of the screen when the program starts (Edit Options >>>> Looks >>>> Screen properties)
** Layout Editor changes
- Support for using a Record-Layout multiple times in a Layout-Group.
- Extended Record Selection: More complicated record selection criteria can be entered. You can now: ~ Test multiple fields ~ Use >, >=, <, and <= comparisons ~ Use And and Or boolean operators
- Fixed a number of bugs in the Layout Editor.
** Delete key will delete selected records on the Line List screen
** Escape key will close most utility screens and the Single record Display
** Fixed several issue's on the Layout screen.

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Posted by Bruce Martin 2012-04-30