Can't open file

  • Kelly Carter

    Kelly Carter - 2012-10-23

    Hi Bruce,

    As you know I've been using RE for almost 4 years, so I think I know my way
    around the system fairly well now.

    I've run into a problem I've never encountered before.

    I've built a new Record Master with all the relevant record layouts. I set it
    up exactly as I have other functioning Record Masters. However, RE won't open
    the file using the new RM.

    I can open other files with their corresponding RMs with no problem
    whatsoever. So I have no idea why this new one won't open. At first I thought
    it might be a memory problem due to the file size. However, I have other files
    that are larger and still open.


  • Bruce Martin

    Bruce Martin - 2012-10-24

    I can not think of anything apart from the obvious. For fixed width and Csv
    you should be able to edit 1 gb files in most cases. Only small Xml files ca
    be editted / viewed

    Things to double check are
    * Record Type is correct (Group of Records / Record Layout)
    * File Structure (on the extra screen) is correct
    * You do not hava recursive structure (RecordLayout included in itself)
    * Make sure the file name does not end with .gz (if it is not a GZip file)

    Can you
    * go into the layout editor and edit the Layout,
    * then File >>> Save layout as Xml
    * post the xml (send it to me directly


  • Kelly Carter

    Kelly Carter - 2012-10-24

    I'm on MSAccess_090. Save layout as Xml is not an option in File menu.

  • Kelly Carter

    Kelly Carter - 2012-10-24

    Ok…I found Record Layouts >> Save Copybooks as XML. I'll email you the layout.


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