editing variable length files error

  • mat66

    mat66 - 2010-09-16


    Whenever I edit and save a variable length file, I get the following error
    when I try to reopen the file:

    Error Loading File: Invalid Record Descriptor word at line 6

    any idea why i might get this error? And is it even possible to edit-save-
    reopn a variable length file or is it the kind of file that should be browsed
    and nothing else?

    If you need more information don't hesitate to write me back

    thanks a lot

  • Bruce Martin

    Bruce Martin - 2010-09-16

    Sounds like I have a problem. Can you tell me

    1) Which version of the RecordEditor you are using (i.e. RecordEditor HSQLDB
    6.8.2 etc).
    2) Which type of Variable length File (i.e. Open Cobol Fujitsu, Mainframe /
    Mainframe Dump).

    One final point if you are using Mainframe VB, you should be abnle to edit
    them; but there is no way to copy them back to the Mainframe.


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