RecordEditor - Current capabilities and Web

  • Shiv

    Shiv - 2011-06-30

    Dear Bruce.

    Record Editor is an great software for people working with structured data
    (Flat files& XML too) and from your prompt responses it seems you are
    supporting the project in excellent way with prompt and knowledgeable answers.
    I really appreciate your work.

    Now for the query - I am exploring use of RecordEditor for retrieval/search of
    data from large files (CSV as well as COBOL) stored on a network server.

    When one invokes RecordEditor interface and chooses browse option - the file
    is read from start till end and then presented to user for
    edit/browse/filter/search etc.
    Are any of the following things possible in current code base ?
    1. Read the file in read-only mode (Browse & search only- no editing
    2. Not read full file by default (or only read first few lines & show sample
    contents first)
    3. Present search screen before running full file read - with options of
    searching by field and return after "n" matches..etc
    4. Perform file read and search with a key/string - Return first "n"
    configurable rows from the file
    5. Has any attempt been made to run/re-use RecordEditor in a browser or web
    based application ?


  • Bruce Martin

    Bruce Martin - 2011-07-02

    1) No attempt has been made to produce a Web version of the Editor, I do not
    need it and there has not been interest in the project to put the work in.

    2) Currently the production version of the RecordEditor will always read the
    whole file. The test version has some optermisation wich should help with
    Cobol Files. In particular for large fixed width files it will read the file
    in as needed; this may work for you.

    3) Currently there is no way to only read part of the file. But if you are
    know java, it should be possible to write a front end to read the data
    required, then call the recordeditor

  • Shiv

    Shiv - 2011-07-04


    Thanks for your responses. I will try the test version for reading partial
    file or till a search critieria of file is met.



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