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Jay Miller
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For some reason, when I open up the RecipeRadar interface, it will also open up my Advanced Trade Skill Windows. This was the same with previous versions as well.


  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller

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  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller

    Recipe Radar opens each of your trade skill windows whenever it is shown. ATSW overrides each of those windows such that RR actually opens ATSW windows instead. This is intended.

    What isn't intended, of course, is the trade skill windows staying open. If they do not close, this is (sort of) a bug.

    Another possibility - one that I've tested a year or so ago - is that ATSW is just trying to cache your trade skill data. To prevent this, open each of your trade skills and let ATSW fully cache all that data. After this, its caching mechanism should not be triggered when RR opens.

    I'm going to set this to "Pending" for now, as I'm not really in a position to test against ATSW. If as I mentioned the ATSW is really just hanging open, please consider submitting a patch to either me or the ATSW author(s).

    Thank you!

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