reblog not updating automatically?

  • ericrodenbeck

    ericrodenbeck - 2006-05-08

    it used to update my feeds automagickally. went to look today (may 8) & the newest item from /any/ feed was from may 2nd.

    • Michael Frumin

      Michael Frumin - 2006-05-08

      does it work (i.e. update your feeds) if you hit 'update all' ?

    • ericrodenbeck

      ericrodenbeck - 2006-05-19

      yeah - but shouldn't it happen automatically in any event?

      • Michael Frumin

        Michael Frumin - 2006-05-19

        yes, it should.  but, there are hundreds of accounts in, most i suspect unused, so having them all to update efficiently is not just "flip-a-switch" easy...


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