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1.1tp3 (Slatter) released

Vastly improved international support across all programming languages and tools. Dialects will work with the eclipse plugin now. It will also work correctly with the rs-admin tool. Also,
directories with dialects will work correctly. Lastly, upper casing, lower casing, and formal casing will work correctly with dialects.

Fixed a bug where escaped XML elements such as
< > were not operating correctly. This
effected reversed aiml.... read more

Posted by 2007-09-16

RebeccaAIML 0.9871 (Edmondson) released


I now include the executable, regression, in both the Windows and Linux prebuilt packages. This is for downloaders to be able to verify the quality of Rebecca for the version they download.

I also added the regression test suite to the autoconf build system where it builds it by default. This is for those who port RebeccaAIML
to another platform to be able to run regression tests to ensure the quality of the port. Use "./configure --help" to see all the autoconf
options available.... read more

Posted by 2006-09-08

RebeccaAIML 0.987 (Edmondson) released

Minor bug fix put into RebeccaAIML but it's important so upgrade when you can.

Posted by 2006-09-02

RebeccaAIML 0.986 (Edmondson) released.


Fixed bug with PlainWordImpl::trimToOneSpace where
I was not checking if the size of a string was greater than zero before using it.

Fixed a bug with srai where the star indexes were not being calculated right during srai.

Fixed a bug where rebecca would not let go of her internal AIML file and string caching system.

Upgraded the qtgui and tested it underneath QT 4.1.4

Added the Callback method Callbacks::learnTagFileNotFound()
for when the AIML XML learn tag cannot find a file it will call this callback. This will allow the programmer to handle file not founds for AIML XML programmatically.... read more

Posted by 2006-07-27

RebeccaAIML 0.985 (Edmondson) released.

RebeccaAIML 0.985 (Edmondson) has been released today. This release is a major Linux build infrastructure release and minor bug fix release. I now support and release source code and binary builds for Windows XP,Fedora Core 3, 4, and 5! :-)

What's RebeccaAIML?

A Windows/Linux Object Oriented C++ chatter bot
api/interpreter for AIML (Artificial Intelligence
Markup Language) from the ALICE project. It includes comprehensive documentation and samples as well as showcases/teaches popular and recent C++ practices.
------... read more

Posted by 2006-05-11

0.983 of RebeccaAIML released.

Home page:


Bug fix release.

I fixed a bug reported by Charles Chevallier where
when srai is called the input AIML tags behaved
incorrectly. To fix this bug I had to alter the signature of GraphBuilderFramework.checkedInfiniteLoopGetResponse().
It now has a new boolean argument variable
"keepPreviousUserInput". You set this to false if you do not want the previous user input stored internally. Usually you only want to set this to false when you call this from implementations of the Srai AIML tag.... read more

Posted by 2006-04-05

RebeccaAIML version 0.981 released


Added a new cross platform simple QT GUI to the samples section to showcase how you would program a GUI with the RebeccaAIML engine.

Fixed a bug where when you call new and delete on
AIMLFacade or StringPimpl it would crash under Windows if you were mixing and matching Debug and Release. Now, new and delete are dll boundary safe.

Posted by 2006-03-05

RebeccaAIML version 0.98 released

I opened up the RebeccaAIML framework in which you can inherit from AIML XML Tag classes to add or modify the current working set. You will need Boost C++ library to use the framework. With the release of the framework you can now add your own custom AIML XML Tag dll or shared object in which you can change the functionality of the engine. The framework is fully documented and I provide
a sample which overrides all the AIML XML Tags to provide a html converter. It converts AIML XML files into html pages with links. The html pages provide a way to "cruise" through the AIML brain and see how the brain would look like in memory.

Posted by 2006-02-15