0.983 of RebeccaAIML released.

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Bug fix release.

I fixed a bug reported by Charles Chevallier where
when srai is called the input AIML tags behaved
incorrectly. To fix this bug I had to alter the signature of GraphBuilderFramework.checkedInfiniteLoopGetResponse().
It now has a new boolean argument variable
"keepPreviousUserInput". You set this to false if you do not want the previous user input stored internally. Usually you only want to set this to false when you call this from implementations of the Srai AIML tag.

I fixed a bug reported by Charles Chaevallier where when punctuation is at the begining of a Rebecca Response it would cause her to crash.

I fixed a one-off error where I incorrectly indexed some of the internal data structures and this would cause a crash.

Made the stack operational thanks to a missing predicate found by Ryan Neill

Put in more bot properties (the most common ones), thanks to Ryan Neill for pointing this out to me.

Posted by 2006-04-05

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