Braking, friction and stop moving

  • Michaël Houzé

    Michaël Houzé - 2007-10-03


    first, thanks for RTB, it's very great and so nice to use any language :).
    I'm working on robot designing and I guess I misundertand movements rules in RTB, as robot just accelerate one time at the beginning (factor 0.5) and brake immediately when radar report anything at 10 distance units (brake factor is max: 1.0) and robot brake continuously.
    Wit hsuch mere behavior, I just think my robot will stop soon, but it's not the case, friction in RTB don't completely stop a robot, which confuse me a lot !
    Robot slow down but never stop moving.
    So I make it accelerate with a negative factor, which works just a little as now it start to go reverse way.

    Is there any right way to stop a robot as a real world vehicle ?


    • Falko

      Falko - 2007-10-09

      Usually I would simply use `Brake' to stop a robot. See:

      btw: Which programming language do you use for your robot?

    • Michaël Houzé

      Michaël Houzé - 2007-10-10

      Thx for reply, of course braking once or braking continuously would lead to completely stop a robot in a given time (AFAIK RTB doesn't simulate blocking wheel nor arena ground adherence, so in both cases, robot should stop)
      I use Perl (5.8.8).

    • Sebastian Rolof

      Sebastian Rolof - 2007-10-18

      As I oversee the src, this is a bug in RTB.
      The method MovingObject::change_velocity does not consider slide friction and is inherited to class Robot.

      mfg, and greets to San Francisco

    • Sebastian Rolof

      Sebastian Rolof - 2007-10-23

      Which version of realtimebattle are you using? My comment from last week applies to the actual CVS snapshot of the module RealTimeBattle. If you are using this one, I could quickly solve your problem. However, this module is marked as out of date.
      If you are using RealTimeBattle-1.0.8-Ext (which is probably a release from module RealTimeBattleNew), I would ask you to try out RealTimeBattle-1.0.7-Ext int the meantime. This was the current version when I contributed to the project the last time, and to my mind, this version should definitely do the job, since I coded Robots for this version by myself and did not experience such problems.
      Unless I overlooked them.


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