Feature requests

  • smaragdus

    smaragdus - 2014-03-07

    Please consider adding support for "CTRL+A" for selecting all text in "Speak Text" panel- "CTRL+A" is faster than "Right Click+Select All".

    Please consider moving the "Bug reports and feature requests" link from main window to Help menu, such links belong to Help menu, if it is hidden inside Help the program will look better.


  • smaragdus

    smaragdus - 2014-03-08

    By the way in my opinion the name of the program is too long, if it is shortened to Read4Me Clipboard Reader, or simplified to Read4Me Reader, or just Read4Me, it would be easier to be remembered. A program's name does not need to describe all program's abilities and features.

  • Yassen Dobrev

    Yassen Dobrev - 2014-03-12

    Thank you for your feedback! I've just added Ctrl+A support and also fixed some bugs with the "Speak Text" panel.

    I've decided to keep the "Bug reports and feature requests" link in the main window to encourage the users to do so.

    I've deliberately chosen this long name for the program for search engine optimization reasons and because there are at least 2 more programs called Read4Me.

  • smaragdus

    smaragdus - 2014-04-04

    Thanks for adding 'CTRL+A', that way is easier to delete the pasted text.

    "I've decided to keep the "Bug reports and feature requests" link in the main window to encourage the users to do so." It's up to you but in my opinion Read4Me would look better if 'Bug reports and feature requests' was hidden in 'Help', but that's not of great importance.

    One more suggestion for tiny enhancement of Read4Me- simple text context menu in 'Speak Text' panel- 'Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste', 'Delete', 'Undo', Redo', 'Select all' on right click inside 'Please Enter the text below to speak!'- this would facilitate text handling.

    Congratulations for your good work!

  • Thomas Oettli

    Thomas Oettli - 2014-07-09

    Great Program! I'm using SAPI5/SSML Markup Language to improve the speak and this works perfect if I enter the text into the 'Speak Text' field in Read4me itself. But using the read clipboard feature SAPI5 tags are then spoken out as well. If it could be implemented that also clipboard text will interpret SAPI5 the same way - that would be perfect. I'm currently working on a Sublime snippet/package for SAPI5 to facilitate the SAPI5 enconding. I could directly let speak the text from within sublime editor itself without first copy&paste it to the Read4Me entry field each time.
    I'll share of course my SAPI5 sublime package when it's finished.
    Thanks a lot for this exciting program!

  • Yassen Dobrev

    Yassen Dobrev - 2014-07-20

    Thanks for the feedback, I've implemented it in the newest version (0.5.4) :)

  • Tom Hall

    Tom Hall - 2014-08-09

    Thanks for adding SSML support !

    A feature I'd like is the ability to eliminate the pause at the end of a line.

    I like to edit text files with around 80 characters per line, but I only want pauses on periods or blank lines when it's read.
    In order to avoid the pauses I have to munge all the lines of long sentences into one long line which makes it difficult to edit.
    I have a script to do the munging, but it's kind of a hassle to have to "compile" the text before reading it.

    <edit> Never mind - I looked at the source and found:

    // no silence on new line
    toRead = toRead.Replace("\r\n", " ");

    so if I have Read4Me read directly from the clipboard, and put "\r"s in the file with the "\n"s, it works just fine as it is.

    Last edit: Tom Hall 2014-08-09
  • Yassen Dobrev

    Yassen Dobrev - 2014-08-16

    Hi, thanks for the feedback, I've implemented a little smarter replacer in version 0.5.5:

      // no silence on new line
      toRead = toRead.Replace("\t", " ").Replace("\n", " ").Replace("\r", " ");
      toRead = toRead.Replace("  ", " ").Replace("  ", " ").Replace("  ", " ").Replace("  ", " ");//normalize multiple spaces
  • Eses

    Eses - 2014-09-05

    Some recommendations for selection based reading (select text on web page, press hotkey);

    1. Single key hotkeys
      I'd like to have pause reading in single key if possible.
      See ClipSpeak for example - you can press right Ctrl to pause speaking, then press again, and you can continue. Very fluent.

    2. Temporary disabling. This is not so important, as I've set Read4me "Read selected text", but could be useful. In ClipSpeak, you can press right Shift THEN right Ctrl and tray icon turns different color to indicate program is temporarily disabled.

    Thank you good work!

    Last edit: Eses 2014-09-05
  • John Purbrick

    John Purbrick - 2014-09-11

    I downloaded Read4Me a few days ago, and it seems like useful software. My application involves starting, using and stopping the program via instructions from another program, however, and that's made me think of a couple of things you could add.

    First, it would be good if you had a control to deal with a situation where Read4Me is talking, and another input comes in. What it does now is interrupt the existing output and replace it with the new text. I'd like to have the option of concatenating inputs, so new inputs would be spoken in turn. Maybe have an additional control to set the length of a silent interval to add before the next input is spoken, so they don't all run together.

    Second, I'd like to have a simple way to shut the program down. Could you let the user designate a hotkey combination which would have the effect of "Close Read4Me"?

    I would greatly appreciate these additions!

  • Yassen Dobrev

    Yassen Dobrev - 2014-09-18

    Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try to implement them in the next release.

    Out of curiosity: What is the other program which is controlling Read4Me? What is the purpose?

  • whoisit

    whoisit - 2015-09-05

    Just downloaded and used. Worked perfectly. Progress bar would be nifty.

  • Yassen Dobrev

    Yassen Dobrev - 2015-09-09

    Do you mean the txt2mp3 functionality? It displays how far it is in the status bar ("Working on file ## from ##").

  • Nuby

    Nuby - 2016-06-16

    Would it be possible to add a hotkey to skip a word rather than a whole sentence? This would help with skipping things like long URLs.

  • Yassen Dobrev

    Yassen Dobrev - 2016-06-18

    Sorry, this is not supported by many TTS voices.

  • Gregory Stockwell

    Would it be possible change or add setting for paragraph delay time. It's hard to distinguish sometimes where the old paragraph ends and the new begins. Maybe base it on carriage returns. Extra means longer delay. Thanks! Great product!


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