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ReactOS 0.1.1 released

Two months after ReactOS 0.1.0 came out, we're proud to announce the release of ReactOS 0.1.1! The improvements are visibly noticible, see for screenshots and be sure to browse the changelog.

Posted by Jason Filby 2003-03-30

PDF and Zipped HTML Tutorials Available

PDF and Zipped HTML tutorials are now available, under the rosdocs file release.

Posted by Jason Filby 2003-03-21

ReactOS 0.1.0 released

ReactOS 0.1.0 has been released. Among the new features and fixes, especially worth mentioning are booting from CD and self-hosting (ReactOS compiles ReactOS). ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with Windows NT applications and drivers.

Posted by Jason Filby 2003-02-02

ReactOS 0.0.21 released!

We're now releasing every three months instead of every six.

Posted by Jason Filby 2002-10-31

New mingw toolset released!

The new mingw toolset fixes some bugs and adds some missing files.

Downloading the new toolset is required.

Eric Kohl

Posted by Eric Kohl 2001-10-24

New gcc-2.95.3 release

The ReactOS project released the a new gcc-2.95.3 toolset. It fixes the annoying bugs of the previous version.

Posted by Eric Kohl 2001-09-02

ReactOS 0.0.18 released

The ReactOS project have released version 0.0.18 of their Operating System. ReactOS is aiming to be compatible with Windows NT applications and drivers.

This release adds huge kernel improvements (Memory Manager, DMA, SMP support, Registry, Stack, and more), a vastly improved GDI (DIB, FreeType 2 for text, and Mouse), much work on network support (winsock and TCP/IP), lots of work on libraries (MsvCrt, CrtDll, NTDll, Kernel32, OLE32, and more), more and improved drivers (floppy, ACPI CA, ISA PnP, Ram Disk, VFAT, and NPFS) and many minor improvements and bugfixes. This release requires a special GCC 2.95.3-4 compiler.

Posted by Jason Filby 2001-08-21

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