#19 Allow Yacc-style code brackets


Yacc and Bison use %{ and %} brackets for the same function that Re2c expresses by /*!re2c and */. Many development tools, especially editors, handle %{ blocks %} very well, but treat the Re2c blocks as comments, which messes up their syntax-highlighting and so forth. This feature allows %{ and %} as block delimiters in Re2c. Existing correct Re2c programs are not impacted, as the new character combinations cannot appear outside of quoted strings in a working Re2c program. The proposed code has been working for over a year in my private build without problems.


  • Paul McQuesten

    Paul McQuesten - 2011-05-27

    Allow Yacc-style code brackets

  • Paul McQuesten

    Paul McQuesten - 2012-03-24
    • status: open --> closed
  • Paul McQuesten

    Paul McQuesten - 2012-03-24

    Code committed in rev #899


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