#96 WtWare: Suspected GPL violation


Hello. Your project (rdesktop) is used in commercial
product WtWare on site www.wtware.ru. Is rdesktop
under GPL license or ... ? Something wrong with WtWare.


  • Peter Åstrand

    Peter Åstrand - 2005-08-03

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    I don't understand Russian, but from
    http://www.wtware.ru/wtwaregpl.html, it looks like the
    company is aware of GPL. Is there anything that indicates
    that this company has violated the GPL?

  • Peter Åstrand

    Peter Åstrand - 2005-08-03
    • assigned_to: nobody --> astrand
  • Ilya Konstantinov

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    Their business is creating a small-sized Linux distro for
    serving as an RDP client.

    1. They offer to mail a DVD ($3 + shipping fees) via EMS or
    DHL containing the sources of all GPLed programs used. They
    refuse to place the sources on their site or to send them by
    This seems legal, although certainly designed to discourage.
    2. They link rdesktop with a few of their proprietary shared
    libraries (ui.so, ui8.so, ui15.so, ui16.so, ui24.so, ui32.so
    etc. -- something having to do with graphical environments,
    as they say -- probably their svgalib integration code)
    whose sources they refuse to disclouse.
    I have doubts this is legal, though it looks fair-and-square
    as far as the license is concerned. Essentially, this is
    like GTK+ linking to Windows DLLs without any special
    license exemption.

  • Ilya Konstantinov

    • summary: Why your project selling ? --> WtWare: Suspected GPL violation

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