#192 Sun Keyboard cut/copy/paste

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After reading as many support requests as I could before becoming utterly confused, I decided I would just post a new support request and see if I got a more direct answer :)

I am using a Solaris workstation with a Sun Type 6 USB keyboard to connect to a Windows XP desktop remotely. It all works well except the special Sun keys for Cut/Copy/Paste do not work and I am not quite able to figure out how to get them happening.

I figure out that i need to map the F16, F18, F20 keys to do this but I'm not sure how to set it right in the keyboard mapping file. The best I've been able to do is get the Copy key to send the letter C :)

My thoughts are to send a Control-C sequence when the key is pressed but couldnt get that working. Thought about changing keyboard driver in Windows but I dont have admin rights to do that, thought about setting up Windows macro etc. But surely there is a right way to do this. I really only would like the Cut/Copy/Paste keys but if someone knows how to get them all working that would be fine too!

I am using rdesktop 1.6.0


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