#163 Improve download performance from Terminal server


We have tested the followings and measured the
1. Performance of Linux client to access Windows
terminal server by using rdesktop 4.1.
2. Performance of Windows client to access Windows
Terminal server by using matsc.

As a result of same operation, display speed in case
of Windows client is faster than that of Linux client.
Data size of transfer in Windows client is smaller
than that of Linux client.
That's why we think that Windows client completed
display faster than Linux client.
How can we improve the display performance from Linux
client Windows client faster than Windows client?
Following options are specified for rdesktop1.4.1.
(a) -u
(b) -z
(c) -x m
(d) -k ja
(e) -f
(f) -a 16

I use default mstsc of Microsoft Windows.


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    You really need to explain what you are testing (what kind
    of machines, what type of network (bandwidth and delay
    information), what applications, how you are measuing,
    everything about the test configuration) in order for
    people to help you optimise for your specific problem.

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    Thank you for advice.

    The server is windows2003server.
    Client PC is the usual note PC and has installed Windows
    and linux.
    The network is a ethernet set up in the office(10Mbps).
    The executed application is Mspowerpoint, MsExecl, and
    However, other applications are in the same result.

    For instance,The powerpoint file composed of one page on
    the server is double-clicked. And, Network data is traced
    with an analyzer until a file displays.At this time, the
    data size transmitted from a server is 60KB at
    rdesktop1.4.1. In mstsc, it is 30KB.

    From the same client PC, it connects with the same server
    and the same operation is performed. Why is data transfer
    size different?.


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