#212 win8 patches


This patch allow connections to win8 hosts at 16 bits color depth, and with the bmp cache disabled.

so connect like `./rdesktop -b -u username win8-host`

The patches fall into two categories, graphics and input.

For graphics. the image decoder incorrectly identifies the size because its failing to handle the scale bits properly. The bitmap decompressor also fails as win8 is always setting the bit depth to 0. I put a little "hack" in for that.

For input, win8 no longer appears to support the slow path keyboard and mouse input (or its a capabilities flag, although I played with them without any luck). So, all keyboard and mouse input is now being directed through a pair of fast path calls which bypass a large chunk of the RDP code.


  • Jeremy Linton

    Jeremy Linton - 2012-01-30

    win8 patch for rdesktop

  • Jeremy Linton

    Jeremy Linton - 2012-02-06

    I have further patches to fix the keyboard sync, extended keycodes, etc.

    If anyone gets interested in this patch I will submit them.

  • Yarda

    Yarda - 2012-03-08

    Hi Jeremy, I am interested in your patches, please post it. FYI I created Fedora BZ about this problem and linked it to this issue:

    Your patch works for me, but only with -b. Please follow the rdesktop coding style in your patches, i.e. code formating, indentation.

  • Corinna Vinschen

    Hi guys,

    just FYI, I just tested this patch on W8 RP 32 bit and W2012 RP. It turns out that specifying the -b option is
    not necessary. I also disabled the fast path input patch in rdp.c and the keyboard works fine. Nevertheless,
    the other graphics patches are still required.


  • Henrik Andersson

    • assigned_to: nobody --> hean01
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Henrik Andersson

    I just made some testing with current rdesktop to identify whats broken using rdesktop against a Win8, my test was made against Win8 Pro and it seems the none of the changes in this patch is required at all ?, however there are some other problems regarding mouse pointer visibility and printer redirection.

    So i wonder was the issues related to bugs in Win8 at the time beeing or is it related to what version of Win8 is used ?

  • Henrik Andersson

    • Group: --> NextRelease
  • Henrik Andersson

    • Group: NextRelease --> Future
  • leeyiw

    leeyiw - 2014-05-27

    I have also found this problem. My client is rdesktop 1.8.2, and server version is: Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64bit. Here is the screenshot.

  • leeyiw

    leeyiw - 2014-05-27

    and the rdesktop output is:

    NOT IMPLEMENTED: bitmap opcode 0x5
    ERROR: get bitmap 2:141
    ERROR: get bitmap 2:147
    ERROR: get bitmap 2:148
    NOT IMPLEMENTED: bitmap opcode 0xf
    ERROR: get bitmap 2:151
    ERROR: get bitmap 2:148

    • Henrik Andersson

      Any special command line to reproduce this issue, or windows side configuration ?


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