#156 Patch for _NET_WM_PID and WM_CLIENT_WINDOW support


I usually use wmctrl and rdesktop currently does not support these extensions.

This patch was tested on debian lenny and ubuntu 8.04


  • Olivier Hervieu

    Olivier Hervieu - 2008-08-08

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    wow... i didn't see that there's already an existing patch for this....

  • Mateus César Gröess

    Yesterday I tried this patch and the patch with ID 1440499, older:


    This patch applied cleanly to rdesktop 1.6.0, but testing with xprop, there were more than one PID listed for the rdesktop window. By example:

    _NET_WM_PID(CARDINAL) = 3107, 3218402472, 134561504, 44040194

    Only the first was correct, the others I have no idea where are from. For the same window, "wmctrl -p -l" listed instead only the correct PID. No problem with the WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property in any case.

    The patch with ID 1440499 needed a change at first hunk to adapt to header changes. It also was applied with some offsets, but apparently compiled fine. With rdesktop running, xprop listed only the correct PID for the window at _NET_WM_PID property. WM_CLIENT_MACHINE had the correct local hostname as with the first patch. Conclusion: at run time, no problems identified with that patch, but it was only tested on my home PC.