#145 local sound usage sometimes causes hangs (tight loop)


Seems to be the same problem as is well described at http://freebsd.monkey.org/freebsd-ports-bugs/200708/msg01226.html

That is, when I am using "-r sound:local", sound seems to work, but after a while of usage the rdesktop session seems to hang after a new sound output finishes. If I launch rdesktop from a command line instead of selecting a GUI front end such as tsclient from a menu, when this happens I see an endless stream of error output to the console, saying "ERROR: select: Bad file descriptor". rdesktop consumes as much CPU as it can at such times, hence the (tight loop) in the summary above.

See the supplied URL for steps to reliably reproduce the problem, and if that doesn't work, I will look at it further to cook up a reliable set of steps.

That URL also contains a patch, which I didn't find in the CVS repository here, so I am assuming from that, and the fact that there are no bugs submitted here since 2004 with the word "sound" in the summary, that it hasn't been reported and acted upon here.


  • Matt Chapman

    Matt Chapman - 2008-04-05

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    Hi Eldon,

    Have you tested with the CVS version? The CVS version uses a rather different OSS driver which doesn't seem to have the bug referenced in the FreeBSD report (oss_close_out calls rdpsnd_queue_next which does the flush).


  • Eldon Rosenberg

    Eldon Rosenberg - 2008-04-07

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    No, I haven't tested with the CVS version...

    It wouldn't happen to have an RPM .spec file for building Red Hat RPMs, would it? I'm using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client release 5.1 on my desktop here, where I've been experiencing the problem. The package I've got is from RPMforge / Dag Wieers' repository (http://dag.wieers.com/apt), and it says it's version 1.5.0, which is apparently the latest released version from anywhere.

    If not, I will cope, I guess it'll just be not so clean cut on this system. Though I guess I will be able to keep it from intermingling with the files from RPM packages...


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I've got a spec file that started with Dag's, but builds the CVS version now. Here's how to do it:

    1. Get the source rpm from Dag.
    2. Check out a copy of rdesktop.
    3. Rename the rdesktop source directory to rdesktop-1.5.001cvs20080407.
    4. tar cvzf rdesktop-1.5.001cvs20080407.tar.gz rdesktop-1.5.001cvs20080407
    5. Put that .tar.gz in your %{_topdir}/SOURCES directory. %{_topdir} is usually /usr/src/redhat
    6. Put the .spec in your %{_topdir}/SPECS directory.
    7. Replace the Version line in the spec with Version: 1.5.001cvs20080407
    8. You may have to mess around with the BuildRequires and Requires. Here are mine:

    BuildRequires: openssl-devel, xorg-x11-proto-devel, pcsc-lite-devel >= 1.3
    Requires: pcsc-lite-libs >= 1.3, pcsc-lite >= 1.3

    9. you can rpmbuild -ba the spec file

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • Eldon Rosenberg

    Eldon Rosenberg - 2008-06-02

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    Hi Matt,

    I did test with the CVS version, and I THINK it is OK (as in doesn't have this problem). I had a glitch after updating to the CVS version where it did have the same problem, but after properly removing and re-adding the installation it went away (I suspected something was hanging around from the old version). I didn't test heaps with it, but I didn't get it to exhibit the behaviour with some simple testing, and I did use it for a fair while with sound redirection turned on without it failing, so I'm happy to assume the CVS version is OK.


  • Eldon Rosenberg

    Eldon Rosenberg - 2008-06-02
    • status: open --> closed

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