you can make rdesktop autologin with:
-u username -p password

On 8/29/07, Diederik Lascaris < > wrote:
Hi all,
I have a thinclient equipped with DSL (Damn Smal Linux), which comes with
rdesktop 1.3.1. I have set the thinclinet up so it on boot automatically
launches rdesktop with all my parameters to connect to a windows XP machine.

All is going just fine, when I boot up the thinclient and wait a while the
XP logon screen appear and I'm ready to login. But what frequently happens
is that when I turn on the thinclient in the morning I to into the kitchen
to get a fresh cup of coffee. But when I return with some delicious and well
needed coffee, the XP logon screen is gone and I see the DSL desktop. I have
to give a new rdesktop command.
I have noticed that the XP logon screen stays on my screen for about 2
minutes. So you have to login to XP within 2 minutes or rdesktop will end.

Is it possible to add some extra parameters to rdesktop in order to increase
this timeout value? Or is there some trick I have to do in XP?

Hope you guys can give me a hand here.


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