One more thing I've noticed, the session timeouts more quickly if left inactive in a minimized window..!

Anyone, any ideas?

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 7:29 AM, Abbas Khan <> wrote:
I usually interact with RDCs a lot on daily basis. I've been facing the issues with rdesktop from a lot of time. Rdesktop freezes, hangs, becomes unresponsive, acts slow or either stops after 10-15 mins of inactivity. This has been duplicated in Ubuntu 8 and Fedora 10.

Tried running latest version 1.60, manually compiled earlier versions, disabled GUI stuff, tried changing networks, happens while rdc'ing local Windows machines; in fact tried whatever i could do but no luck :(

Please advise. This is sporadic!

Need some more debugging info, please do let me know and i'll post.

Thanks in advance.