Thanks for the feedback guys.
I have no problems connecting from a Linux rdesktop to W2K8.

However, I started the post by asking about a Win32 ported version of rdesktop The version I stumbled on... running version 1.3.1 of rdesktop...
rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client.
Version 1.3.1. Copyright (C) 1999-2003 Matt Chapman.
See for more information.

I'm trying to run this because of limitations on the 'proper' Windows Remote Desktop client which seems to restrict the window size.
I was therefore pleased to see a Windows port of rdesktop, to see it could reach larger screen resolutions. We're forced to run Windows on a box with 2 x 30" screens. Each screen is 25600x1600, so the total resolution with each screen in portrait is 3200x2560.

Running the Windows port of rdesktop (1.3.1) to a W2K3 server gives a resolution of 4096x2048, but that's a server-side limitation.
So, has anyone out there compiled version 1.5.0 of rdesktop on Windows? This will allow me to attach to W2K8 servers too. It would be great if this was officially posted on SourceForge so that we don't have to do this individually (hint, hint).


On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 9:29 AM, Rui Santos <> wrote:
First, sorry to have misspelled your name Mikael.
Have you done any configuration changes to make it work? Either in the rdesktop client or in Windows 2008?
Only two things I can remember that were related to it:

1) Right-click My Computer -> Remote Settings -> Remote Tab -> Remote Desktop Frame -> Select Option 'Allow connections from computer running any version of Remote Desktop ( less secure ). Also did this on Windows Server 2008 RC1.

2) On Windows Server 2008, to get Seemless RDP a different approach is needed. It seem that on Windows Server 2003, applications could be run unless if they were denied access to. On Server 2008 it seems that you need to specific state the accesses for all programs.

Rui Santos

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Hi Michael, wrote:
Rdesktop doesn't support RDC6 afaik. You need to use -4 to switch to 
RDC4 protocol, the default is RDC5 however that fails if you try to 
connect to a Windows 2008 / Windows Vista machine. If you've managed 
to get it working from Linux without using the -4 switch, I'd love to 
know how so I can implement it as well.

It works for me with -5 with both Windows Vista Business and Windows 
Server 2008 RC1 as I stated on this list a few weeks ago. I've done 
nothing special to get it to work... I even got Seemless RDP to work... 
What do you need to know?

Rui Santos


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I was surprised to see a port of rdesktop to Windows. I've tried this 
to a few W2K3 boxes & it works fine.
However, when I tried connecting to a W2K8 box, now using RDC6, I'm 
getting repeated errors...
C:\rdesktop4win>rdesktop  w2k8box
ERROR: modulus len 0x108
ERROR: send: No error

rdesktop from Linux to W2K8 works fine, so prehaps it's a Cygwin DLL 
issue? here's what I'm using...
04/10/2006  12:18         1,151,538 cygcrypto-0.9.7.dll
31/01/2007  10:33         1,873,811 cygwin1.dll
01/12/2004  15:02           802,656 rdesktop.exe

Any idea's?  Also, Are you aware of any size limitations on rdesktop 
being used with large screens.
e.g. I'm trying with 2x30" screens. Each screen is 2560x1600, so the 
total resolution with each screen in portrait is 3200x2560

This post...
...suggests that it's a server side limitation. Is that still the case?


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