I'm a new rdesktop user and I'm trying to get rdesktop to work from a gumstix platform (pxa255) to Windows XP.

The gumstix currently has no keyboard or mouse.  I'd like to use the local (server, XP laptop) mouse and keyboard, but that's the subject of my previous post.  Until I figure out how to interface a mouse and keyboard on the gumstix, I thought I could start an application running on the XP laptop (moving map application) to test the performance of rdesktop compared to vnc.

I'm using putty to ssh into the gumstix from the laptop.  The putty connection from the laptop is over bluetooth, using a Kensington USB to bluetooth adapter.  

I start rdesktop from the putty window by issuing "rdesktop -u userid -p password laptop.  I get a logon screen on the gumstix lcd and an hour glass.  The laptop screen goes blank and stays blank for about a minute.

Eventually, a logon screen appears on the laptop.  When I enter the userid and password, I see that the putty session was terminated:

        "putty fatal error" "coftware caused connection to abort"

It looks like rdesktop somehow caused the putty connection (over USB bluetooth) to be broken.

The LCD display still has the logon screen and the hour glass (forever).

Everything works fine using VNC.  I start vncviewer from the putty window and immediately see the windows desktop.  And, with vnc, I can use the laptops keyboard and mouse while seeing a "mirror" of the laptop's desktop on the gumstix's LCD display.  

Any ideas?


Dave THomas