I can’t get seamless mode to work on Fedora 8. Is anyone else having this problem?


When I try to launch with “rdesktop –A –s “seamlessrdpshell notepad” <hostname>

I get the following warning.


WARNING: Broken Window Manager: doesn't handle restack (window was moved to bottom


And I connect to my entire desktop, not just launching the notepad application.

I have tried turning on/off the “NoDesktop” registry entry on my windows machine, but this doesn’t seem to have any effect.


I downloaded the latest code from CVS and still have the same problem.

I was able to get rid of the warning by changing the following code in xwin.c in the seamless_restack_test function


        /* Restack, using XReconfigureWMWindow, which should correctly

           handle reparented windows as well as nonreparenting WMs. */

        values.stack_mode = Above;

        values.sibling = wnds[1];

        restack_serial = XNextRequest(g_display);

        XReconfigureWMWindow(g_display, wnds[0], DefaultScreen(g_display), CWStackMode | CWSibling, &values);

        sw_wait_configurenotify(wnds[0], restack_serial);


I basically flipped the windows around and requested Above instead of Below.

There seems to be a bug in XReconfigureVMWindow because the previous code and this code should be equivalent.


Please help!!