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Subject: [rdesktop-users] rdesktop window 2003 license

is nobody reading this list?
We found out on the windows end that it says my client is trying to use
an expired license. is this license stored on my Linux box somewhere? Is
there a way to reset this? i tried changing my host name but that didn't


Kevin W. English wrote:

> hello, i am using rdesktop 1.3.1. When i connect to my windows 2000
> server, it works fine. However when I try to connect to my windows
> 2003 server, rdesktop pops up a window that closes immediately. It was
> working about a month ago but i've upgraded my fedora packages in the
> interim. Is there a debugging mode i could use to see what the problem
> is? is anyone else experiencing this problem?
> kevin

Kevin W. English
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