Is it possible for you to verify if rdesktop fails the sam way
(temporary profile) when connecting against a single 2012 session host
(without session broker) and UPD configured ?

I don't have a single 2012 without a session broker. But I tried the following thing:

Like I said, my hostname "rds" is resolved either in "rds2" or "rds4" (DNS round-robin).
So instead of connecting to "rds", I tried the final names.

- If I try a "direct" connection to rds2 there is no problem, I am never redirected and I get my profile (I tried it 15 times successfully...)
- However, If I deliberately want to connect to rds4, I get redirected (I see the output on the command line and I clearly see the windows connection window to connect twice) to rds2 but with a temporary profile...

Does it help?